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You Are Ascended

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You Are Ascended 03/02/2012

continue from Appointed To Die 02/03/2012

-It was a Sunday morning, February 12th, I was backing us from the garage, at one glance at the clock it was exactly 7:17, not a good sign at all. My husband Mack (McCluster) had decided he would return back to the hospital, his leg was hurting again, he was convince it was the blood clot, plus his appetite wasn’t so good. It was evident he was afraid, and I, I was uncertain and wanted to be supportive, I was faithful, I believed God and prayed often He and not Satan would get the glory out of it all, remember Christ’s blood atonement was mightier than them, it all, or so I thought, (see God’s Will).

-It’d been some ten days or so since we’d left the hospital after an additional six day stay, deciding he, or we didn’t want to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Although now my husband had, had a revelation of fear, death was easier said than done, so now he was more than anxious to undergo whatever treatment to pretty much save his life. This is the life and death struggle Jesus had the night prior to the crucifixion, Jesus possibly more than any human knew he’d come to this earth for one purpose, to die. That all human being are those passing through this reality, through death to an immortality, and Jesus was fighting that for all mankind it would be immortal life verses hell immortal.

-I remember the admitting doctor telling my husband how the treatments he’d now agreed to all sound so awful, but he would, or they would see what they could do. I would like to say now that pretty much every practicing doctor need to be liable for medical mal-practice, though medical mal practice is all they learn to do doing their years of study, 90% prescription drugs, 10% health/science. It wasn’t long before we would be assigned to a room and the treatments would begin, at this time though my husband didn’t have much of an appetite and this is what he told all family members visiting, how all he wanted was his appetite back.

-So much so everyone visiting and leaving that day and night knew the one thing they needed to be in prayer about was my husband’s appetite. Thus miraculously I kid you not, the next morning his appetite was back, and all seem promising again. They were preparing him to go into surgery, they would have to insert a portacath through which chemotherapy would be administered. They’d placed my husband in a bed from this moment forward, they begin administering two types of blood thinners, one oral and the other an injection into his belly just above the navel area, so the surgery would have to be put off a day or so.

-Though as I said, because of this purportedly blood clot, they made him immobile, they’d placed him in a literal sickbed from which he wouldn’t or couldn’t emerge. They would soon attach a heart monitor, and just as soon begin saline IV’s, I wanted him up and mobile, they wanted him in bed and immobile which couldn’t and wouldn’t be good. Though at least at this time he could still get up and relieve himself in the bathroom, he was eating and getting his strength, but the blood clot and the blood thinners were both killers. You see my once 185 lbs. husband had lost down to about 125 lbs, I already thought my husband too weak, too unhealthy to be undergoing any of the treatments he was getting, especially being on two separate blood thinners.

-Easily, his blood because of liver damage was already compromised, so thinning his blood to this magnitude couldn't be good, if an apostle of Jesus Christ knew this, surely a medical doctor knew this as well, this is why I kept expecting one of the physician to admit my husband was just too unhealthy. How he’d because of aggressive antibiotic treatment alone lost tremendous weight and strength, though this is why they kept changing doctors until they found one to agree to the treatments and surgeries that would eventually claim his life. Again, the massive antibiotic treatments he’d undergone the hospital stay a month earlier had been nothing less than like pouring gasoline on a barely smoking patch of grass.

-This aggressive research after a possible infection alone had made the cancer that much more aggressive, everything they’d done since we first walked into the hospital December 26, 2011 had done nothing short of make my husband’s condition more viral and him more sick and weak. Though for him, losing hope in God, he could do nothing else but hope in the man, in whose hand was the knowledge to sicken, maim and kill. Thus the day of surgery was upon us, the only thing good about it was they had to stop the blood thinning for at least a day or so before, this allowed him to regain a bit of his strength and sense of thought, reasoning, this mean he had hope in the surgery and the potential chemotherapy treatment, that would help him live a bit longer.

-Doing this stay we had one of the most kind and considerate nurses, she loved my husband and myself, she understood what I, we were going through as she’d lost her husband. This remind me, there was another nurse, who’d been just as remarkably kind, as she’d just endured chemotherapy treatment with her husband. Of course she talked about what a tremendous trial it’d been before, doing and now as he was still in recovery and such a mightier than she could describe hardship. I would later ask the nurse who’d lost her husband, the one who remain close to the Holy Ghost inspired music I played, how her husband died. Easily she described how he’d died horribly because of a surgery, an implant similar to the portacath that’d become infected that weeks later claimed his life.

-Those of you who read the first installment of this testimonial (Appointed To Die), remember when I said it was described to me how these doctors were determined to make my husband sick. How in the beginning a man in his condition was simply too healthy, all the terrible symptions they thought he should have he just didn’t have them and this to them was unsatisfactory, how they would make him sick. You see my husband Mack did everything right, ate, drank, exercised, all with a faith rooted and grounded in righteousness (Jesus Christ), this is what made it so hard for this infirmity to fully catch up with him, though medical science would resolve medical dilemma and bring my husband right into the deadly clutches of this determined pathogen.

-The day of surgery had come, remember, I thought my husband too unhealthy for this treatment, I thought him too unhealthy to be in the hospital at all. Remember, they’d done nothing surrounding him but prove themselves gravely incompetent, so I kept waiting for at least one of the many doctors visiting him to admit, he was just too unhealthy for these procedures. Just before this last hospital visit, a place upon which I thought we would never return, I shared with my readers a word I got about February the 16th. I’d literally forgotten when the morning of February the
14th I was sitting in my husband’s room when I kept hearing a voice celebrating the approaching day of the week, Thursday. Then a fear rose in me and I said, I hope the sixteenth isn’t Thursday, of course it was, it would be the day a horrible dream told me of my husband would come true.

-We’d a few weeks or so prior stopped into Overton Park with our youngest grandchildren, my husband not feeling well sat in the car while they, we played. It wasn’t long before I persuaded him to come alone, we sat together into these enormous picnic tables just before I was reminded of a dream I had years prior. One of a sixty by forty eating table, so my husband Mack and I, with our three grand’s Makhya, Miya and Darius Jr. joining us started measuring these enormous stone eating tables to get some ideal of what a sixty by forty eating table would look like. It wasn’t long after my husband told me about a recent dream, in the dream I was on a swing, the swing circled around and around the stand when I soon felled, and when I felled he was powerless to help me.

-Although I’d pleaded this cause with Holy Spirits earlier, I had a grand-mal seizure in my husband’s hospital room that night, on the sofa bed and his greatest regret was he was unable to help, to do anything to relieve my pains and sorrows, just as he dreamed. I remember when I awaken to the hospital room afterwards it wasn’t so strange that I was in the hospital, but that Mack was in the hospital. So when I begin to realize why he was in the hospital it horrified me all the more, I think I knew for the first time my husband was dying. How there was a horrible clarity in this regard, that what he’d been suspecting for months, in some cases even years was now in the process of being realized, but I had my faith, I had Christ’s bloody cross, my prayer life, I prayed additionally God would get the glory.

-As suspected by me the surgery wasn’t a good ideal, Mack’s health went into a downward sparrow all the more, he was running a fever, he was vomiting. There was a new fear there could be an infection, the more dangerous thing about the portacath was getting an infection. His health decline so they were now claiming his blood count was low and how he would have to undergo a blood transfusion, I immediately asked whether this had been a result of the blood thinning. That this was another miscalculation of there’s they’d done to him, but I was told one had nothing to do with the other. They would give him two paints of blood and this one last thing would be the nail in my husband’s coffin so to speak, he would not, or could not, it was now Friday the 17th and he would not recover from this blood transfusion.

-Soon this Arabian doctor would come in, he would look at all the negatives regarding my husband, call me out into the hall. He would tell me what’d I feared the moment we pulled from the drive that Sunday of February 12th, that my husband was just too weak and too sick to undergo chemotherapy, how if it was his family member he wouldn’t want to put him through it. The is truth is, the surgery and now the blood transfusion had, had an adverse affect on him, instead of helping him, it’d made him all the more anemic, this isn’t what He said, it’s simply what I know. They did two blood cultures on him, one to be taken from the portacath which appeared to be a paint of blood and another to be taken from his IV, which appeared to be another paint of blood, this is why I call what they do all guess work. So it was like the blood they’d just given him, was now being taken, and the blood thinning and the damaged liver, it was all a recipe for disaster, that’s Mack and my disaster not there’s or so they thought.

-I would have my husband discharged later that day, he was so weak, so drained, he had to be released to hospice, and brought home on oxygen in an ambulance. I want you to understand, I helped my husband return to the hospital as this was what he wanted, I thought it was like dodging cars on a busy highway for a cure, but he did not agree, thought there was hope still. I too, I thought there was hope still, not one time did I think my husband would die, I believed in the lifesaving blood of Jesus Christ right up until my husband took his last breath of life. I wasn't oblivious that the death penalty was still active, I was convinced there was no power on this earth mightier than Christ’s cross, though with one exception, the will of God. In other words Jesus could serve mankind best with his death, as so could those chosen by God to be as well sacrificed (made a demonstration), as my husband, my marruage and my life.

-Looking back, that Thursday morning, February 16th as I awaken from sleep, from Mack and my husband’s worse nightmare, my having a seizure and his being unable to come to my rescue. As I awaken I heard a voice say, ‘my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels,’ as I shared it with him, I told him if I wasn’t mistaken it was a verse from Pslam 22. Pslam 22 is said to be a perfect illustration of what Jesus suffered doing the time he was dying on the cross, and I would later understand if my husband could’ve put into words what he was now suffering it would be describable like Pslam 22. You see in a sad and yet remarkable way Mack had been seized upon as well, something unscrupulous as rebellious man had taken him over. Taken him over to the point you understand once and for all when judgment came knocking on King David’s door why he pleaded with God not to let him fall into the hands of man, (have mercy God and not sacrifice).

From Palms 22

-My god, my god why hast thou forsaken me, why are you so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring, (mourns, suffering).

-I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint, my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels. My strength is dried up like a potsherd, my tongue cleave to my jaws, and you have brought me into dust of death Psalm 22:1, 14,15

-This Holy Spirit as my witness, these last two verses of scriptures were my husband’s complaint day and night, how he had no strength, how he thirst in a way, in his mouth, his tongue and in his lungs in ways so mightily distressing he couldn’t place into words. I brought him home on the seventeenth he would be dead by the twenty-first, I still can’t believe it, although my ministry has been compared gravely to the prophet’s Ezekiel’s ministry to Judah, I never thought like him, God would as a demonstration to America, to this world, God would take my husband from me. He would as He’d tearfully described in the mid nineties, how his people had been stripped of everything Jesus Christ, stripped naked and bear, how he would strip their leaders. Describable by the Holy Spirit this horror had been done to my husband Mack as a demonstration to what God was about to do to all persons, households and nations on this planet unrepentant in His (God’s) sight.

-As I said once before, up until Mack took his last breath I thought he would live, I pleaded the blood of the Lamb of God, nothing on this earth, or in the heavens was more powerful, I thought and thus I believed my husband would live. The morning of, well first I need to describe to you what they’d done to my husband’s heart, the blood transfusion, the blood thinning, and all the blood they took from him just before we left the hospital. My husband, and God knows what is so heart breaking to me, my husband not only had an irregular heart beat, it was like a heart beat within a heartbeat, but he had a heart that was so rapid. To be honest, it was like someone handcuffed him or he was now caught behind one of these fast moving vehicles he’d been dodging for a cure that never, ever slowed down and this is how he was left to live out the remainder of his days.

-Unable to maintain any strength he lost the use of his legs, he got so he couldn’t talk, he got so he couldn’t think, how could he? His heart was pumping a hundred times per minute, I was dumbfounded that they’d left him this way, left his heart this way. I can’t tell you how this one reality tore my own heart clean out, siege terribly this way and incapable of using anything but his arms, this is how he awaken me the morning of. Knowing my oldest son as I’d persuaded him was gone home, as so my youngest son, Mack asked me about our live in granddaughter Latesia. I could barely understand him at this point, but now I know he was making certain I wasn’t alone, I’d fallen asleep like most nights with my hand on his rapid heart beating years of life per seconds out of him, praying to the God of heaven for mercy.

-This night he awaken me from sleep, had to be understand he wanted to get up, he couldn’t get up or sit up, it was as though he didn’t have one bone in his body. Though I trained and worked as a nursing assistant some years passed I knew how to get him up, I pulled a chair close. I brought him up, with his help I swung him around and I sit him into a chair, this wasn’t good, it was a low back chair and he needed a high back so I worked him into a high back chair for more support. I asked him did he want to hear music, he nod yes, so I walked over to the radio, I cut on the music CD, Martha Borg, of Jimmy Swaggart Ministry singing, ‘we are standing on Holy ground. I grabbed my bible, now you have to remember I still believed I could pray my husband well, so I grabbed my bible, I open it to Psalm 22 and I begin to read it, and just after Pslam 22, the 23rd, Psalm.

-The lord is my shepherd, thou hast prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies, I didn’t realize it then, but this is how God, and not Satan got the glory. It was here I begin to realize Mack wasn’t responding, he was still breathing, but he’d lost eye to eye contact, and when I called him he wasn’t refocusing on me like he was before. I grabbed my anointing oil and I stared anointing him with crosses across his forward, at least three of them. I anoint you in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that it be well with you, in your body, your blood, you substance. Then suddenly one by one, I closed his eyes, and I said the last thing I would say to my husband, I said, you are ascended and just as I said this he stopped breathing. Meaning his spirit left his body, meaning he gave up the ghost.

-I didn’t want him to stop breathing, I didn't know what I was ssying, doing, but at those three words he stopped breathing and I couldn’t feel his hard, fast heart anymore. I started screaming, I went knocking, crying and screaming at my granddaughter’s door, I needed her to come, to tell me I was wrong. Latesia started crying no, that she couldn’t, eventually we got the hospice nurse over, and she confirmed he was gone away. I remember standing in the kitchen crying when I glanced up at the clock and the clock was showing the time of 7:17. Hence, when you check the time of death on Mack’s death certificate, it’s 7:17, my husband Mack (McCluster), had been dreaming for years of being able whenever he desired to take off into the heavens to fly, I guess the morning of February 21st he really did fly away home to heaven, we laid his physical house into a grave four days later.

-Doing the repast, here, at my residence, 3569 Monessen Drive, Memphis, TN. 38128, enough food poured into this house until I could’ve feed my neighborhood for three days. There were people who not only took multiple plates homes, but some took boxes of food home, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that day in the park when we and our grandchildren were measuring out a sixty by forty eating table. Truly the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, he make me to lie down in green pastures, he lead me besides the still waters, he restores my soul. He leads me in a path of righteousness for his name sake, yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod, thy staff, they comfort me. You prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. See also The Demonstration and just below it, Appointed To die

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM). Donate at to

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Seem to be suffering the imprisonment of spouses, seem to be breaking in to get them out all without prevail, the fall of families gravely on the map 06/18/2011

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Amazing Grace

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince of Peace, and get us the Victory

The Spirit and The Bride Say Come

My heart is like wax, it is melted in the midst of my bowels, Apb, The RAM

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The Demonstration Ezekiel's Wife

A Tribute to Mack

The Demonstration May 15th 1954-Feburary 21 2012

-Mack’s death would be a demonstration for all around to see; of how God’s people are dying, being stripped in all degrees. Being Stripped I tell you, of all things Jesus Christ, this is what Holy Spirits told me, God crying aloud with might.

-God tried to tell them but they just couldn’t see, I’ll use Mack’s death, and then maybe they’ll believe, this sweet, sweet man stripped so horribly. How despite what they do, what they have and where they go, they all lose sight of their souls, of their immortal life, this immortal man, this is the part they just don’t understand.

-Jesus never preached church as the way, but that men repent and get saved, as one confess his sins to this Lord, and give unto him their humble heart. Only as one pray this way, can they resolve their hell, doomed fate.

-This is how Mack ascended to heaven on February the twenty-first, a celebrative heir to the heavenly place. Robe washed and made pure white, this is why Jesus came, this is why Jesus died.

-For a reference see Ezekiel wife. This people is why Mack suffered, this is why Mack died. Ezekiel’s Wife. Chapter, 24:15-27

Adam’s Sin Lineage

-If we say we that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If w confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we hath not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. I John 1:8-10

Ye Must Be Born Again, …Jesus… John 3:1-7

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

-See Daniel 7-10th chapters, See, the Intrepid Dream Here,

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-Seen to be seeing an evil breaking through of our doors, those looking to harm and hurt us mightily on the map 10/11/2011
-Seen to be falling into a man hole hundreds of feet deep and filled with water, a strange manner of taking a plunge just lying in wait on the map. 10/11/2011

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

-For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, (Ezekiel 1:4,27; 8:2), take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

Listening To: Selah: How Great Thou Art

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

The Bride Say Come

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Appointed To Die

A Voice Declaring: “Verify (Authenticate), Escape,” there something about planning a get away on the map 12/29/2011

Doctors Are Paid To Sell You Poison

This too is where Satan’s Seat Is, 02/03/2012

-While I was standing in my bathroom I asked God why is my husband dying? Then without hesitation He answered, your husband was always dying, only now you can see it. Immediately I thought to myself, that’s right, that’s what I’ve been telling my husband, my children and even mankind for the longest. Although we camouflage it with all manner of various covers, deception, especially wealth, prosperity and celebrity, we are." "It is appointed unto all men to die and after that the judgment, his is a death penalty, none is exempt.

-My husband took sick doing the Christmas holidays, a store clerk had just recovered from what is called double pneumonia. As had one of his brothers just recovered from a form of pneumonia so when he became sick he too was convinced it was flu or pneumonia. Hence not wanting to return back to work sick, he decided to go to the emergency room one day past Christmas day, 2011. What was the worse? They would give him a shot, prescribe him some meds and he’d have an excuse for being off a day or so.

-It wasn’t long before the doctor came and said well Mr. Bradford we have a bit of bad news, we found spots both in your lungs and on your liver. They then explained how there wasn’t much to be alarmed about, test would have to be made to determined whether we were talking about malignancies and thus he would have to be permitted into the hospital. I don’t think it was the potential cancer that concerned us more so than his being admitted into the hospital, you know taken out of his or our comfort zone. Just as soon a young nurse approached us told us something really incredible, she told my husband this isn’t your fault, this isn’t something you did wrong, this is one of those things that happens and we found her words really encouraging.

-They got him in, started drawing tremendous amounts of blood and soon started him on this conveyor belt of intravenous antibiotics. First let me say, the doctor were all stun at how healthy my husband was, it was like with this diagnosis, even its potential to be cancer my husband should’ve been on his death bed. Though instead it was as though he was the healthiest man with lung and liver disease, in his state they’d seen and for them this was totally out of the ordinary. So much so I sensed they would do all they could to make him sick, I’ll say this again, since my husband wasn’t as sick as they thought he should be in his condition, I sensed strongly they would do all they could to make him sick.

-As a fact it’d already started as the antibiotic drips would only make the supposedly cancer sitting literally dormant that much more aggressive. Yes, it would be the trigger, even decreasing mightily the body life source, and thus the spirit, actually lessening the blood’s ability to heal the body. So the next day testing started, they were to do a scope so they could investigate from his throat down into his upper intestines looking for the culprit. Then after this they would do a rectal scan that would go up into the lower part of the intestines, again looking for a culprit, as so his prostrate, all of these test came back negative as the cause for the spots on the lungs and liver.

-So there was only one other test to be done, a CT, a liver biopsy , the only thing about this it was getting late into the week. It was coming up on New Years’ Eve weekend so he and I decided we wanted to do the biopsy as an outpatient, finally they agreed and we went home. Days later we tried to get an appointment with a specialist, and was told by our primary doctor they would do this for us but it never happen. Instead we were sent to an appointment from a pulmonary specialist and when she saw how serious my husband was still. He was barely eating, had lost more weight she didn’t let us leave without getting us set up to have the (CT) liver biopsy done. Before this next exam, I’d begin having dreams of people being locked into the medial centers, I witness workers take a giant wall and place it over the exit door, again locking people in.

-It was doing the outpatient CT scan the doctors discovered something else, since he was complaining about his legs, doing a ultra sound, did they discover he had blood clots in his legs and soon he was admitted into the hospital again, it was as though we’d went around in circles. It was a Friday and we would at least have to stay to Monday before we got the real results, though my husband and I had already decided if malignant we would not accept chemo therapy treatment as it would mean not just death, but that he would be miserably dead. It’s like deciding to dodge cars on a busy highway for a cure and all along you’re asking God not to let you get hit, when you just increased your chances of getting hit, even killed a hundred percent.

-No, what was happening to my husband was like a leach, a blood sucker had attached itself to his liver and was sucking all the blood, life and spirit out, and the drugs it’s assistant. I couldn’t accept this, I wouldn’t accept this, I started pleading this blood, (Jesus), I encouraged him to as well plead the blood (Jesus). Although he wasn’t as anxious, he was uncertain whether he wanted to get well and return to the work force. He thought he would rather die, be with Christ, than live in this miserable trial of a world of the walking dead. I had to tell him, my praying for him would be moot if he didn’t have a will or a spirit to live, I could plead the Lamb’s blood of life until I turn inside out, but unless he wanted to live.

-You see this is the strange thing people saw in us, they didn’t see that there was a struggle to live, that there was no struggle whatsoever, my husband condition simply was and it was up to him whether to stay or leave. I trusted the blood of the Lamb, I knew that there wasn’t a force on this earth or beyond more powerful, that when I plead it, with this Lord’s name mountains inconceivable would be moved out of the way. There were times I called on the Holy Spirit to infect his blood with the blood of the Lamb so it’s healing would baptize his every organ making him whole and healthy again. Though regardless, my husband was still dying, his blood was sick, his spirit and the toxic poisons they were pouring into him on a regular bases was all the more weakening his blood, it was seeing totally and completely to his demise.

-This wasn’t a judgment from God, as surely as what Job suffered wasn’t a judgment from God, what my husband was going through was described to me as a demonstration from God. The Holy Spirit told me it wasn’t a judgment as Christ’s cross can’t be judged, that's set to any limits, it is salvation, it is healing, it is restoration to all of those who believe. Thus what my husband would suffer would be a demonstration of what the Satanic to demonic to the politically induced medical field is doing to God’s people, stripping them of all life, living and immortality, as the mast majority that die, die in sin, and that soul that sin is meet with immortal death (the second death). I didn’t ask the Holy Spirit this question, well I guess from the heart I did, I knew this infirmity didn’t have any power or authority over my husband once we plead the blood of Jesus Christ.

-Once he’s literally from head to feet, in body and substance baptized in Christ’s blood, if Christ blood is with you, what or who can stand against you? NOTHING. I guess you can say the blood of Jesus Christ to which I pleaded my husband’s healing to repeatedly thought it had some explaining to do. God needed us, needed him, as he’d done especially with the prophet Ezekiel's body and just as soon Ezekiel’s wife, Ezekiel wife death was used as a demonstration to the people of Judah how their own God would target and kill that they treasured. So here God needed my husband body to make an alike presentation of how deadly mankind’s way, his path and administrations, he is death and can only unless they’re born again, bring nothing but death, Americans are to repent of this idolatry or suffer unimaginable lost.

-Everything the doctors were doing may as well been directed by the grim reaper himself, they were killing him, no energy, no will, no life, no spirit he was being stripped. It was just as God described of his people in the late nineties, how his people were by their leaders being stripped of everything Jesus Christ (thine natural and divine life source) behold he would in turn strip their leaders. The way he appeared at losing this battle was a lot like the image I saw in the late nineties, I was in dream. In the dream I was caring for this precious child, I loved this child and honored this child and did all manner of good and charity to this child when suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit ask, why are you caring for this child, (higher education), it’s suppose to be dead.

-After the Holy Spirit said this, it was as though a light came on, and far in the distant corner I began to see another version of this child, weak, frail, miserable and dying, that as long as I cared after this baby, this baby, this worldly treasure, world knowledge of ever learning but never coming to the wisdom, revelations of godliness, The very evil offered Eve if she only disobey God that by Christ’s Cross wasn’t to have any more significance, then this sickly imagine would just horribly decay away as mankind does. This child I cared so tremendously after had to represent the flesh, it had to represent the temporal gains on this earth that we so often forfeit the eternal for. That despite how lovely, genuine, scholar and beyond precious it all seem it’s a death trap, it’s a cunning device with purpose to deter you from the original article of life, living and eternity Jesus Christ.

-You have to remember, what had happen to my husband had happen and was happening fast, there was nothing they could do but make him all the more wretched in his spirit, I kid you not, as so they did. God becoming flesh and reigning with mankind as both his friend and His Savior (blood sacrifice), Jesus Christ, was all the more proof mankind isn’t or don’t have the answer other than Christ ‘s cross. No other than Christ’s there is a Satanic, Demonic and political/religious world that can only torture, maim and kill mankind whereas judgment and a second death await. This is what Jesus was describing when he declared that the thief, Satan, (the rebellious) hath come but for to steal, kill and destroy, though he’d come that we might have life, and life abundantly (the Holy Spirit). That all (the American Dream)that’d come before him, before God’s blessed Holy Spirit, testimonies of Christ to follow, was nothing other than thieves and liars (death eternal).

-So after about six days of watching them torture my husband, of God demonstrating how they’d come but for to torture and kill, that like world sanctuaries, and governments had been taken over by Satan's seat. How now the entire medical board as well, were more satanic, demonic and political that they may as well advertise themselves as morgues and funeral homes. You know where they’re to make as much money as possible before they bury mankind in a tidy impressive hole in the ground. It was time to go, we’d went alone with this little charade of death and more death long enough, my husband wouldn’t live, none of us with the exception of Christ’s Cross would live, but he didn’t have to die having every bit of life force squeezed and twisted out of him like a fruit for its lifesaving juices.

-We got out, and my husband has barely been home two days and his change in health make it seem as though he has been home two weeks I kid you not. Just a few days ago we were standing in a Rite Aid pharmacy, looking to purchase the pre-scriptions they’d sent home with my husband, looking to spend over a hundred dollars or more. Now that I think about it, it reminded me of the day so long ago, where I stood at my kitchen door, assigned books in my arms, readied unto a local college. I stood there weighing, man’s knowledge (the baby that was suppose to be dead) or God’s knowledge truth and life immortal, weighing mankind ability to learn forever (The babe that was suppose to be dead) but never, ever coming into the knowledge (divine light of righteousness) of the truth, I chose the tree (truth) of life, immortal life.

-Here I was again, we were again face with this stinging dilemma, every drug they’d prescribed him would alter his blood in some manner, lower his blood, thin his blood, complicate his blood, his blood was already sick, sick as sin as man’s way had killed him over and again. I stood there thinking, how the hundreds of dollars I was about to spend would be the money I needed to nurse my husband blood back to health again. You know faith in Christ’s blood was nothing (limited) being alone, my husband needed as much and as many living enzymes in his blood as possible if he wanted to die well. I mean if the person dodging cars for a cure really want God’s help, the first thing they got to do is get themselves out of traffic, out of direct danger not tempting God or their request of him is completely redundant.

-To be honest if I’d been able to afford it, I would’ve put my husband on a super nutrient called Tangy Tangerine months ago, I just couldn’t afford it. The emergency room visit to the hospital stays possible wouldn’t have even been needed, except for God’s demonstration of how evil, corrupt and deadly as eternal hell rebellious mankind is, as most people die lost. It’s true, most people on this earth die lost as everything mankind is to come into contact with as a treasure carry with it an anti-God, anti-Christ spirit. You know how many people, including the Chaplin offered to pray with or for us? How many people not one mention anything spiritual to us? They simply wished us luck time and time again.

-I’d the day before we left, entered into the bath in my husband’s room, I always used the bath room as a prayer closets, no windows, just perfect. I use it for prayer, God (the Holy Spirit) can use it as a tabernacle to present Himself all the more. Anyway my youngest son Darius gave his life to Jesus Christ by way of cell phone from that bathroom, I prayed the prayer with him, made sure he knew what he was asking God for and why? To be saved because he was born sin and thus destined for eternity in hell, all according to God’s word, it was right there. Right at this moment he gave over his health issues into the hands of incalculable Holy Spirits where he would be blessed beyond description.

-That even if he die, that very moment later he would be in paradise, a day later we got ourselves out of that hospital. He’s juicing himself back to health as we await this super nutrient, something I’d planned before I was made aware of his failing health, of Americas failing health as they’ve been evilly conspired against.
I’d already planned to get him this product, not only him but my sons as well, it’s what nature intended and that’s like saying it’s what God intended and this is why evil and wickedness has built up such an anti-God, anti-Christ spirit (system) toward God’s people seeking natural (God provided cures), that God is to get the glory and not man. This is why I found the article above so benefiting, it’s in such agreement with this testimonial of what my husband and I just endured.

-I know there are those of you who’re to say there are medical doctors who truly mean well, well I say if they do, then they need to find themselves another profession. Apparently in this information age there is no way these physicians don’t know the harm they’re doing taking that naturally created and treating it with aggressive poisons, the long list of side effects is the primary indication they know full well the harm they cost. The question then is, how desperate is man to save his life, only to not only lose it horribly so, but for all eternally as they worship the creature more than the Creator.

-My husband said the customers at whole food treat the juice area like it’s the fountain of youth, I told him, no they treat whole food stores like it’s the fountain of youth when it’s actually Jesus’ blood. Jesus has come to bring us to the ultimate provider of all things we worship as our lifeblood, he came to bring us back to the God of all gods. Think about the woman at Jacob’s well, she thought It such a mighty thing that Jacob had provided them a well, when Jesus hath come to bring her to the one who had provided them Jacob. As so at present something even more phenomena a living well of water (Jesus) that would bring us not only life, but abundant life (revelation knowledge) unto eternal life (heir to heaven’s throne).

And he showed me a pure river of water, of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb Rev. 22:1

-Ask yourself, what is this tree of life, the seed without it’s root or life soil, Jesus Christ’s blood, it’s like worshipping the creature all over again, but crucifying the Creator (Christ). God, Jesus, give place, and birth, even existence to the other, these fruit and earth bearing trees and soil without its life source God, is death, so mankind without Jesus equals a failed, damned harvest and herein they perish. So everyday we’ve been at places like whole food for lunch, (nutrients not spiritual salvation), something we’ve been planning for years I tell you and getting those super nutritious juices. Now his blood that was made so sick by toxic drugs couldn't be more happy, he’s eating salads, whole food when just a day ago he could barely nibble, and it seemed hopeless because without healthy blood it is, hopeless.

For this man (Jesus Christ), was counted worthy of more glory than Moses,(Jaboc) insomuch as he who hath builed the house (Jesus Christ) hath more honor than the house. For every house is built by some man, but he that built all things (mankind) is God. Hebrew 3:3,4

-A couple months ago my husband told me about a dream he had, he described how in the dream he was suffering this sickness so tremendous that it’s stripped him of every ounce of strength he had at him literally coughing and choking himself to death, straight into his bones. That this sickness is so mighty it had dwindled his body down to nothing and made him so weak, so drained of life and living he could hardly put it into words except waking up out of it was a miracle all its own.

-I was reminded of this dream one day passed this article just as I’m sharing it with you, Holy Spirit weren’t only showing him, what had the potential to befall him, falling into the hands of evildoers. Though were they as well revealing what had befallen his people since mankind felled from the grace of God also into the evil works of rebellious man. Though they, the rebellious like to say God seeth us not, how He’s ascended from the earth, (has forsaken man), when He instead is longsuffering toward usward (Mankind), not willing that any perish.

-Just remember we’re all dying, Jesus came to bring us peace abundant in this regard and to offer us eternal life to follow, thus the greater question is whether we want to die miserably or whether we want to have a good death (Jesus Christ). This is how quickly his health has turn, I don’t know what else God is planning for him, or whether this test like Ezekiel’s wife will end in his physical death or mine, only God knows best. Though this I do know, Jesus Christ blood is mankind’s blessed hope for all eternity and the only thing second to that is what the organic earth from whence mankind hath come produces naturally and without disintegration (mankind’s corruption), hope thou in God, (Jesus Christ cross).

-Jesus would eventually explain to this woman at the well, how although he didn’t have a bucket to carry this living water of which he spoke, in his heart’s blood abideth a living spirit of immortal life he’s to spread to all and nothing on this planet would ever, be the same as mankind learn to worship God in Holy Spirit and Divine Truth. So if people flock to Christ’s cross, the alters of repentance and reconciliation as they do these health stores, there is a spiritual cure. One by which the Holy Spirit is to perform itself in the soul unto the uttermost extremes of the lifeblood that mankind isn’t to again want for or thirst for anything ever again (peace of mind and contentment). Apparently mankind fear and panic in this fear after the one (the creature) who can take his life which is cursed to die and belittle and underestimate the one (God of heaven) with power to take not only mankind’s life , but his soul for all eternity, repent ye for God’s Kingdom (Eternal Life) is at hand.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers/Embers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM
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Seen to be seeing a number, a figure passed before my eyes, 19.3, my nineteenth prophecy link reveal just seconds ago is Warsaw, west worthy, epidemic 1998 third prophecy link is Ilium, Troy, the enemy within, and the my forth prophecy link is Ceres Jr., Ceres is an asteroid, or simply threats from heaven (NEO's)...beware, Apb, The RAM

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: John Starnes: When He Was On The Cross

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, And Get Us The Victory

Except The Lord Builds The House Psalm 127:1

A Ministry Above

Monday, January 30, 2012


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There's something about giving warning, about the number 788, my 788th prophecy link, the song, don't let the green grass (sunshine) fool you, on the map, immense trials and tribulations ignored by man, persistently on the map 06/19/2011 -
Seen to be looking into a Red Alert, a red alert that’s spreading across the land, A Voice Declaring: Volcano, dangers and disasters surrounding Volcanoes’ frightfully on the map 07/19/2011

Silence: Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, 07/25/2011

The Love Of God 01/28/2012

-“Ok Wolf (Spotted WarWolf Cave), we’re all here, you got like an hour, what has you so mesmerized?” “I had this dream a few nights passed that I just can’t shake and I can’t pretend it just didn’t happen.” “Father, grand-mar and myself, we were all on this bike together, coming upon a church building, upon a church service, when a glance to the back of the building.” “Well, I could see all manner of demons and they were issuing up, out of the earth like a portal or something had been opened and by the hundreds spread themselves out continuously far and wide.”
“I know the bike in the dream is to represent very depressing economic times that is come, and with the three of us riding one bike, this is an economic detri-ment even triple its disastrous weight.” “Not to Wolf take from your dream, but you guys remember I had a dream about bike riding just before the Japan Quake, about bike riding, a paper route and a funeral reef sitting on the handle bars toweling into the heavens signaling a massive death toll as so it was.” “The three of you guys Spotted Wolf being on a single bike is an indication how those great sorrows pending is to touch every facet of life and every generation, we’re all to be on alert. In this dream as well, there were wars and rumors regarding Clinton and Obama, remember this dreamscape was just before they took a false humanitarian effort into Libya assassinated Col. Gadhafi causing some fifty thousand people, that’s human beings their lives.” “It’s all the more this divine instruction how there is a way that seem right unto man, but the end thereof, for every decision man make, many people are going to die, as so their souls, it’s just so.” “Though you guys what made what was happening all the more astronomical is once we got inside the church, the demons were infiltrating all males in this building great and small and to such an ex-tent.” “To such a grotesque, incapacitating degree all the males were greatly erected and upon these substantial erections, upon each male was an infant child fused or stuck I guess you can say thereupon. I was so overwrought about not so much what I was seeing, but the sexual connotation to what I was seeing, I thought there was no way I could share this dream with anyone. This Satanic, to demonic display of child molestation unthinkable and unrealizable and in God’s sanctuary most apparently, even wholeheartedly, suppose they think me this sick?” “That Wolf is what make it so characteristic of God, how many times has God taken a seer behind the sanctuary, even tore holes in the wall that they’re go look in and see the evil ways of supposedly spiritual leaders.” “Then brother Wolf why are you, sharing this if you will?” “That’s easy Gazelle, (Arise Tabitha Gazelle), why do you think the Holy Spirits made me a part of something this erotically graphic and so humanly debilitating, it’s not of this world, scene?” “May I answer that, because it’s real, of this world and entirely real, and what the Supreme Lord Jesus meant when he declared how he knew where Satan’s seat (Headquarters) was.” “Real Big Horn (Little Big Horn), yes, but who is going to believe it?” “The reason why the Satanic to Demonic world has its way, even this way so depraved with mankind is because of their unbelief and not just unbelief I mind you.” “With there being such the evidence that our all the more mounting troubles are beyond the practice of mere men despite how heartless, this unbelief is then an underneath rebuff most fundamental.”
“Clearly Spotted Wolf you’re talking about a demonic infestation unlike anything that has been on the earth before or shall ever be again, meaning end time immorality quite odious, as so up to the point this proof mankind is completely hopeless, they’re doomed.” “Yet and still who is going to believe our report, this, your report? “This Freeman, is the word of God, it is by the word of God we’re to comprehend the demonic to satanic, to religious/Nicolatian (political) world we live in, the disciples witness the Christ Lord cast Demons off and out, that demons and fallen angels are thus as real as the gospel truth, Christ Lord.” I believe this Spotted Wolf, as surely as I believe the entirety of the Supreme’s Word, (Divine Truth), they’re come to perish away mankind, but by guiding them into evil practices incomprehensible thus since leaders of every aspect, especially religious leaders can’t see the demonic, to satanic connection even permeation, it’s a lost battle.” “A pure squander of human souls Wolf because by the millions to billions of dollars annually they wrestle against and thus punish the flesh and every time they do evil spirits as portrayed in this night dream thrive all the more.” “You guys talk and act as if there is no hope, because God so loved man, and man so loved God back, he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him would not perish, but have ever lasting life.” “And man so loved God back, and man so loved God back, that’s the first time River (Cloud Over River Crossing) I’ve heard it put that way, and I’m glad because I keep asking myself what about the good people, the good intentional people? “But you know Mount (Mounting Silver Fox) what happens to all mankind if they don’t repent, they’re not going to be able to stand before
the Supreme and say this demon or that fallen angel that you gave me.” "Then again as for your dream, War-wolf, remember when the Holy Spirit the seventeenth chapter of revelation is unveiling the great whore of religion, this American dream of us all. This deceptive whore who is this beyond belief Satanic to demonic power again over all, and the emphasis here is over all, no man, woman, child on this planet exempt. Then once you begin to understand this evil which twenty four seven totally and completely oppress, depress and in some cases possess God’s people." "Then you begin to understand why the world can only work the way it work, this cunning craftiness of wickedness continuously. "It is here you materalize regretfully to the point although the world is intentionally good, what is intentionally good is that instead issuing forth this relentless evil." "This uncompromising spirit of stealing, killing and destroying so paramount it too is in-conceivable except here by the revelations of Holy Spirits." "It is then you fururalize there’s no good on this planet except the Lord Christ Jesus staying before a mass of people crying aloud sparing not blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God, and you’re hearing this and reading and even realizing this and you’re totally flabbergasted about all He’s saying." "Then just as so you’re thinking not only do you not fit into this righteous beyond all of mankind criteria, but you don’t know one person who does or who ever could." "Then War-wolf it’s here, only here you understand why the only thing Jesus could tell the inquiring religious leader Nicodemus was you must be born-again, because this is one way on this earth you can be or become the children of God." "Clearly except you die and by Holy Spirits be again brought to life, but not you, but the Christ Lord which now by his Holy Spirits, by you surrendering totally to Him, living within you, then and only then are you recognized as the child of God." “It is thus admonished upon all mankind to repent and bring themselves under the banner of the Christ Lord’s blood despite their overall goodness." "I’m reminded you guys of the story of the woman switched at birth, how Sia Sioux had disappeared without a trace, so much so it was thought he’d been taken to the hill of Negeb Ophel.” “Taken and punished because of the woman switched at birth, what happen to him was because of her, but in a way they never could've imagined not." "Then after being missing for exactly three days he dragged himself into their midst, crying and sighing how he’d been taken, yes, taken into the paradise of God and made to know things he’s simply refused.” “He Freeman felled on his knees right there before this woman switched at birth and began reciting the Juttah vows to her and she just as happily to him, that they’re to be man and wife, right at that very moment.” “It was then he confessed how he’s been wrong about her, as wrong as the apostle Peter had been about the centurion Cornelius.” “Peter thought because Cornelius was a non-Jew and uncircumcised he was thus unclean, he didn’t know Cornelius regardless of his birth lineage and heritage he had a heart after God.” “One love and dedication so tremendous that angels had come down from heaven to visit this man, to give him instruction, angels from heaven, this is how mighty this man’s heart after the Supreme God.” “So much so he’d began a spiritual manner of heart transfusion, though the fact that he had a heart magnanimous after God couldn’t save him.” “The reality that because of the love for God an angel from heaven visited with him couldn’t save him, the verity that Cornelius was instructed of Holy Spirits to send after the leader of the Apostles, Simon Peter this couldn’t save him but were all the tools needed that this divine surgery would be its most successful, Jesus Christ.” ”No, just as Cornelius had a heart after God, he had to have a heart after the blessed savior of us all, the way, truth and life and only Peter. Now here was Peter who was just as so being taught what God hath cleansed no man was to call unclean, was this the lesson Sia Sioux was to learn of the woman switched at birth.” “Her flesh no longer mattered, her circumcision or lack thereof, but that she’d undergone a heart transfusion and had a heart after God, and after his Christ Lord, its people so indescribable.”
“Thus being cleansed by God, but not only God, by his Christ blood had sanctified her heart, mind and soul he could no longer deem her unclean but his immortal love.” “Now with the Supreme Holy ones opening her womb like so, because as you River said, God so loved man, and man so loved God back, here they are, here we are, three sons and three daughters later.” “A door (a subject matter) closed, that no man can open, a door (subject matter) opened, (defined) that no man can close,” (contradict. “So no matter how sick this man made himself, how much he loved God and God loved him, how greatly all the spiritual stress was regarding him.” “ A good man that loved god, like the woman switched at birth Eve Lynn had done since she was ten, they had to get him to Jesus, they had to get Jesus to him, thus the Apostle Peter. Cornelius was to redeemed himself, his house according to Christ’s Cross or at him opening his eyes in hell, it all would’ve been lost. This Freeman mean being good can’t save us, it’s being washed in the Lamb’s blood, as it alone is mankind’s single salvation, and you, demons and fallen angels have been mankind’s most overwhelming nemesis on this planet from day one. Like Satan himself coming for to steal. kill and destroy, and man with one primary safety measure the blood of the Lamb. No after ancient days of being forewarn they perish then WarWolf their remind no other salvation for mankind, but it won’t be because God failed man, but man failure to worship God.” “Hey you guys time is up, well I don’t know what the rest of you are here for, I’ve scored off the map and will be the next Sia Preece Juttah in training, that’s funny Spotted Warwolf man, because that is exactly what I said to myself about myself, word for word.” “There’s my loving brothers and sisters Deburk only one way to find out and the last one in get to buy lunch for us all, are you kidding?” “You got to be kidding, that would be a month’s allowance.” ‘’I’m always Elk (Elk Deer Pathfinder), so impressed by the story regarding the woman switched at birth, only a few days passed did I learn it’s the story of your parents.” “It is one of the first stories told us once we’re old enough, father loved her, but would not marry her as he’d convinced by Holy Spirits.” “ He couldn’t see how with her questionable birth she was worthy but that all changed as God is mightier and here we all are, as the Supreme will.”

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers/Embers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM

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A Voice Declaring: “The End of the world, there’s something about the end of the world as we know it, the fall of peace and safety continually on the map 07/27/2011

A Voice Declaring: “no where around volcano glorious explosions, active volcano domes on the map 07/27/2011 A Voice Declaring: “I don’t care what you say or what you do, get back to Shelby County, the positioning of natural disasters mightily on the map 08/04/2011

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: John Starnes: When He Was On The Cross

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, And Get Us The Victory

Except The Lord Builds The House Psalm 127:1

A Ministry Above